How do I know if my bra fits me correctly?

How do I know if my bra fits me correctly?

Alex Pluthero |

Four signs you might need a new bra.

Finding the perfect bra can feel like a daunting task, but once you've discovered the right fit, you'll be amazed at the difference it can make in your comfort and confidence. If you've been experiencing discomfort or noticing some telltale signs, it may be time to evaluate whether your bra is truly fitting you correctly. Fear not, the team here at Freedom is here to guide you through the process and help you recognise the four signs that indicate you might need a new bra.

Strap Slippage: Are your bra straps constantly falling off your shoulders? If you find yourself frequently adjusting them, it's a sign that your bra is not providing adequate support. Your bra straps should stay comfortably in place without digging into your skin or sliding off. If strap slippage becomes a regular occurrence, it's time to bid farewell to your old bra and explore new options.

Band Riding Up: Is the band at the back of your bra slowly creeping up your torso throughout the day? If so, it's a clear indication that your bra band is too loose. The band should sit horizontally across your back, providing the majority of support for your breasts. A properly fitting band will stay in place and create a snug but comfortable fit. If you notice the band riding up, consider trying a bra with a smaller band size to ensure optimal support.

Cup Overflow: Do your breasts spill out of the cups, creating a bulge or causing discomfort? This is a sign that your bra cups are too small and unable to contain your breast tissue properly. A well-fitting bra should fully encapsulate each breast, providing a smooth and seamless look under clothing. If you find yourself dealing with cup overflow, it's time to size up and find a bra that offers the right cup volume for your bust.

Underwire Digging: Is the underwire of your bra digging into your ribcage or breast tissue? While it's normal for a bra to provide some level of support through an underwire or underband, it should never cause discomfort or pain. The underwire or underband should lay flat against your ribcage and comfortably surround the base of your breasts. If you experience any poking, pinching, or digging sensation, it's a clear sign that your bra is not fitting you correctly and it's time for an upgrade.

Remember, finding the perfect bra is not only about comfort but also about feeling confident and supported. If you're experiencing any of these four signs—strap slippage, band riding up, cup overflow, or underwire digging—don't hesitate to explore different sizes, styles, or brands to find the ideal fit for you. Your undergarments play a crucial role in your everyday comfort, so invest in bras that make you feel fantastic. Check out our fitting page for more info!

Happy bra shopping!

The Freedom Team