Fit Guide

Bra fit check

1. Stand side on wearing your bra in the mirror. Is the back of your bra higher than the front of your bra?

2. Are your clothes size and bra band size aligned? Check out our handy chart below.

3. Do your breasts spill over, giving you 4-boob and leaving lumps under a fitted top? OR, does your bra wrinkle or gape?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to try a new bra size.

Are you wearing the correct bra size?

Probably not!

It’s widely acknowledged that most women – as many as 80% of all women - are wearing the wrong bra size, so you’re not alone!

Our bra size changes frequently. They change with weight gain and loss. They change with age. In fact, on average we’re likely to transition between 4 different bra sizes as our bodies change shape over the course of our lives.

It’s therefore no surprise that the majority of women aren’t wearing the correct bra sizes, and the limited range of bras available above a D cup only makes matters worse. Two of the five main high-street underwear retailers don’t even sell above a D cup, let alone provide a selection. That's why we always recommend having your bra size measured before purchasing a bra, and ideally on a more regular basis if at all possible.

What's the best cup fit?

In a nutshell, your boobs should sit fully into the cups without any spillage. When you put your bra on, do the scoop and wiggle to get your boobs in the right place. If you are wearing the correct size, they should remain in place for the rest of the day and there shouldn’t be any bulging or wrinkling. 

If you feel like you are overspilling in your cup, try a bigger cup size. Conversely, if you feel like the fabric wrinkles or the cups are gaping, try a smaller cup size.

What is sister sizing?

Sister sizing is a rough guide that helps you change band size without altering the fit of the cup. The rule is: If you go down in the band, go up in the cup. If you go up in the band, go down in the cup. 

E.g. If you buy a 34E and you feel like the band is too big, but the cups feel good - we would recommend trying a 32F. That's one size down in the band, but one size up the cup. Exchanging for a 32E here may mean the cup feels too small.