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  • How to Make Bras More Comfortable

    Ah, the eternal struggle of finding the perfect bra – supportive yet comfortable, stylish yet wearable. For many of us, the quest for the holy grail of bras can feel...

    Alex Pluthero |

  • Why Are Wired Bras Uncomfortable?

    For many women, the quest for the perfect bra often feels like a never-ending journey. Among the myriad of options available, wired bras stand out as both popular and notorious...

    Alex Pluthero |

  • Where Can I donate bras to Africa?

    Right here!  We support Smalls for All® with our bra donation bag - they are a Scottish charity that collects and distributes underwear to help adults and children in Africa...

    Alex Pluthero |

  • Bras for Smaller Backs and Bigger Cups

    Are you on the hunt for bras that offer the perfect balance of support and comfort for a smaller back and a bigger chest? Look no further! In this guide,...

    Alex Pluthero |

  • How to Find the Best Wirefree Bra for Big Busts

    In the quest for the best wirefree bra for big busts, it's crucial to prioritise comfort, support, and personal style. Plus-size bras, full-figure bras, supportive bras, and D+ cup bras...

    Alex Pluthero |

  • How to Figure Out Your Bra Size

    Finding the perfect bra size is essential for comfort and confidence. Many women struggle with the question, "How do I figure out my bra size?" Fortunately, the process is not...

    Alex Pluthero |

  • How do I know if my bra fits me correctly?

    How do I know if my bra fits me correctly?

    If you've been experiencing discomfort or noticing some telltale signs, it may be time to evaluate whether your bra is truly fitting you correctly. Fear not, for the Freedom Team...

    Alex Pluthero |