Why Freedom Underwear?

Hi. I’m Alex, the CEO & Founder of Freedom Underwear.

Wireless bras, that actually work.


That’s the number of days you’ll wear a bra throughout your life (give or take the odd Sunday…)

There’s hardly another staple in your wardrobe that rivals this figure. Yet we squeeze ourselves into painful, itchy, wired bras because…well…what other options do we have? And if, like me, you wear above a D cup, then your options are even more limited because most high street brands don’t even sell your size.

Why? Because for too long, bras haven’t been designed by women for women. They haven’t been designed with 24,400 days in mind. Until now.

We get it. We’re Freedom Underwear. And we want to change the way you think about bras. Especially in larger sizes. Our bras are designed to be worn over and over again. Worn for hours and hours. Worn by real women like you and me, not mannequins and supermodels.

When you wear a Freedom Bra, you’ll notice the softness of our fabrics. You’ll feel the hug of a perfect fit. And you’ll love the liberation from painful underwires. It’s non-stop comfort from every angle.

When you purchase a Freedom Bra,  why not add a free bra donation mailbag to your order? We've collaborated with Smalls for All so that you can donate your unwanted bras to provide safe economic opportunity for women in developing countries.

When you see Freedom Underwear, you see us building a brand with you. You see women in many shapes and sizes who are passionate about change. You see women who are not just comfortable in their bras, but comfortable in their own skin.

Welcome to Underwear Freedom!