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5 Dresses to Wear if You Have Big Boobs

5 Dresses to Wear if You Have Big Boobs

Alex Pluthero |

5 Dresses to wear if you have big boobs

As any woman with a larger bust will tell you, the attempt to combine fashion with functionality (and of course fabulousness) can sometimes feel like a near-impossible task. From gaping buttonholes to awkward adjustments and questionable cuts, the hunt for that perfect dress really can be a minefield.

At Freedom, we want to help every woman accentuate her amazing shape. There are so many fantastic options out there, so we’re sharing our picks for the five best dresses to wear for bigger boobs. These flattering shapes and clever prints won’t compromise on the style-stakes, leaving you confident, supported and ready to flaunt what you’ve got.

  1. The Floral Wrap Dress

This style defines and accentuates any figure, with the longer skirt naturally drawing the eye downward – creating a wonderful impression of length. Opting for a dress with sleeves (full or three-quarter length are always super stylish) will also allow you to wear your favourite bra underneath. Don’t be scared to add a print either! Modern floral patterns are a particularly good way to add fun to your outfit, without looking too fussy.


  1. The Belted Shirtdress

One of our personal favourites… any shirtdress with either a statement or matching belt will cinch in your waist beautifully. The soft, flowing skirt will balance out your bust, creating a feminine yet contemporary shape. This style of dress also allows you to decide how low you go with the buttons. Be fearless! After all, a tactical cami can always save the day. 

  1. The Wide Strap V-Neck

The V-neck is an incredibly flattering neckline. It creates a long line along the front of the body, simultaneously flaunting your bust whilst centring and drawing the eye towards your waist. Adding a wider shoulder strap will create an elegant silhouette, with the wider coverage meaning that you can wear a fully supportive bra underneath. Try to avoid too much detail such as frills, ruffles and bold prints with this style, however – sticking to a simple, classic design will really make the most of this look.

  1. The Fit and Flare

A staple of any party-wardrobe, the “Fit and Flare” dress offers the coverage and confidence of a high-cut top whilst making the most of your figure. Light and floaty fabrics work particularly well, and a gentle A-line skirt will create a natural waistline to balance the outfit. You can either go for an all-over pattern or choose a block-colour for the top, contrasted with a patterned skirt – or vice-versa, depending on where you wish to place the emphasis.

  1. The Block-Colour Shift Dress

Many women with larger boobs tend to avoid this style, concerned it may look a bit boxy. Don’t though! Just make sure to fit your chest first, letting the rest of the dress comfortably flow down. Block colours work best with this cut, providing an elegant yet fuss-free and work-appropriate look. Why not go bold and really make it pop with a statement necklace?