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5 Reasons Why Your Bra is Painful

5 Reasons Why Your Bra is Painful

Alex Pluthero |

5 Reasons why your bra is painful

As every woman knows, finding a bra that fits and is comfortable can sometimes feel like an impossible mission.
There are many reasons why your bra might be feeling uncomfortable and by tackling these and ensuring you wear the right one, you can be comfortable and supported all day long. But just what are the reasons for your discomfort?


Sometimes it may seem that however you wash your bra, even if you follow all the care instructions, those pesky underwires do not sit right.
It might be that they poke through the fabric or it could simply be that they dig into you throughout the day. The best way to ensure your bra is comfortable is to ditch the underwire and find yourself a supportive non-wired bra.


Like shoes, finding a bra to fit can be tricky. It might be that you need to try many different bras before you find your perfect match.
Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you is bound to cause issues. Ultimately, a bra is designed to support your breasts throughout the day, make your breasts sit in the right position and look after your health. Wearing an unsupportive bra may not only bring you discomfort but also cause you further problems.  
Here are some common signs that your bra doesn’t fit you:
  • You can get more than two fingers under the band of your bra
  • You don’t fill the cups or your breasts spill over the top or bottom of the cups
  • The back band of your bra sits too low or too high
  • You’re in pain

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, it is time to get a new bra.


    We want to feel good in our underwear, but the truth is, if the fabric that your bra is made of feels itchy and uncomfortable, you will not be feeling confident. While sexy bras have their place, they cannot be worn every day because the lace fabric can be incredibly itchy.
    Choose to opt for a natural material like cotton because this will allow your skin to breathe and won’t cause any uncomfortable itching.


    In research done by Victoria’s Secret, they discovered that 80% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong bra size. Not only can wearing the wrong bra size cause you discomfort, but you will also have issues with getting the right support.
    If your bra digs in or your breasts don’t sit properly in the cups, you are probably wearing the wrong size.
    Many shops offer a free bra fitting service and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about going in and checking what your bra size is so that you can buy with confidence.

    5. You are not wearing a style that is suitable for you

    Style is also an important factor when it comes to bras. Sure, you may love the look of those beautiful balconette bras, but depending on your breast shape, you may end up spilling over the cups. Additionally, you may also need a wider band at the back of your bra to ease any discomfort to your back.
    Choose a style that is suitable for your breast size and lifestyle and you will feel more comfortable and confident.

    Wearing the right bra is important. No matter what you are wearing on top of it, your outfit will never look as good if your breasts are not properly supported and you feel uncomfortable. Wearing the right bra is a real gamechanger, allowing you to feel confident and happy no matter what life throws at you.