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Interview with Flo

Flo Rowland wear my freedom brand ambassador

Hello, gorgeous! Welcome to the freedom family - we're so happy you joined us as a brand ambassador. 

We'll start with an easy one, what's your Instagram handle, and what does your page represent?
@bodyofginger - my page represents self-love and mental health positivity! I think it’s so important we all cut ourselves some slack from time to time, and invest in self-care
Do you find it difficult to find bras in your size?
Yes! All I want is to be comfy and yet the bras I find in my size feel legit like a prison for my boobs, as well as being super expensive.
What do you think women want from their underwear, that they aren't currently getting?
I think we want comfort and support, without having to compromise on the design and cuteness! Feeling like a baddie whilst also being comfortable would be ACE
bodyofginger wear my freedom bra ambassador
How well do you think current lingerie companies represent real women?
I think for the longest time, lingerie companies were focused on a very small demographic of women that I (and many others) wouldn’t fall in to! Wider bands and bigger cups would be reserved for an older woman rather than just women in general - it’s so refreshing to see new brands popping up that actually cater to people like me and others in the plus-size community!
Have you tried wireless bras in the past?
I’ve tried a few, but they really weren’t designed for larger boobs! I found that although they were much comfier than underworld bras, they really weren’t doing much in terms of holding up the puppies
Why did you choose to become a Brand Ambassador for Freedom?
I’m genuinely really excited about the product and I love what the company stands for! The fact that Freedom partner with a charity that donates bras to victims of sex trafficking is also a big factor - it’s great to see women supporting other women.
We want to know about you! Do you have any general words of wisdom you live by?
In the words of RuPaul; if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else! Can I get an Amen?
flo rowland freedom bra ambassador
Unsurprisingly at Freedom - we are all about women! Do you have a particular woman who inspires you?
I’m a really big fan of @EmmaTamsinHill - I feel like watching her on YouTube and following her on Instagram inspired me to join the body positivity community and learn to love myself and my body, I just wish I could have grown up seeing people like her online when I was a teenager - she’s such a good influence!
Finally, a fun one - If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
Tempo - Lizzo, it just brings something out in me hahaha and I genuinely couldn’t ask for more accurate lyrics what can I say

Thank you so much Flo - go check her out on Instagram, and give her a follow!

-- @bodyofginger --